Placing a bet online can be a really good and exciting experience. Gambling should always be done in a responsible manner and were huge advocates of playing responsibly, whether that’s sports or casino betting.

Players around the world will obviously have different interests and sports to follow. Not all people like football and not all people like the roulette wheel. New online players will no doubt be interested in creating their own betting strategy; a system that can be tinkered and changed over time to hopefully increase the chances of success.

Its worth noting that some players are experts at online gambling; in fact some use it as a source of income and they study the numbers hard. They have years of experience and know the systems inside out. There are many different types of betting strategies that players use. Some are very easy to follow patterns, creating a plan over a period of time, whilst others have created subtle or even convulated betting strategies that have become increasingly profitable for them.

As football is our favourite sport at Betespirit, we thought it is sensible that we show how a simple football betting strategy can be created.

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Sport betting strategies – beginners guide

An easy strategy for beginners, would be to pick out the winners of specific football matches and bet on them. Maybe you could select the home bankers or look for value with the teams playing away. This is a perfectly good way to place a bet and there is nothing wrong with this method. Over time you will surely find some returns on your bets. The odds however might not be that high, so it’s worth having this strategy as a starting point.

Football in all its forms and betting markets, lends itself perfectly to using stats. It’s a numbers game, from the amount of goals scored to the number matches won. There’s individual player stats too. How many goals a player scores, to how cards a team takes, hat tricks and assists and even the number of corners. The sheer volume of football betting markets, coupled with the appetite for stats means there’s opportunity to play the numbers. 

Another example of a more complex betting strategy could be to choose a specific football team and look further into their facts and figures. By this we mean checking out their historical and recent performances. Try and judge where they drop points or who influences the goals more. If you’re serious about creating a strategy you need to take the time and look at who is in the starting line up, which player is on the verge of a ban, which strikers are in red hot form or who is a liability at the back. The following website has some great stats and figures which can help you choose the way you want to place your bets. The stats are clear and the numbers don’t lie. These stats can be put to excellent use when creating a way to place your football bets.

One strategy we like the look of is betting on BTTS (Both Teams To Score). There are several versions of this market, including straight BTTS, BTTS no, BTTS no Draw and BTTS and Win. We look around the world across different leagues where the odds can be very appealing.

Corner betting has become increasingly popular recently. It’s often easy to predict the teams with the most attacking power and the likelihood of achieving a certain number of corners, especially when playing against a weak defence. Just remember to always check the odds on offer.

We always like to use the In-Play / live betting markets and making a strategy around these markets. It’s easy to see in real time how teams are playing and you can be the judge of where next bet is placed.

There are many sports to bet on and strategies will be made according to their specifics. Cricket will include batsman and runs, boxing could have number of rounds won by a certain boxer. Motorsport could have a strategy based around number of laps in the lead, whilst golf could have a system based around shots gained by a player during the course of the season.

If you’re new to online betting then creating a strategy can be exciting. It takes patience and persistence to perfect a system. There will always be winners and losers. It’s the nature of sport. Make sure you gamble responsibly and good luck!